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ZPV Proizvodnja is producer of ballistic test barrels. The major ammunition manufacturers use our test barrels for accuracy, velocity, and pressure testing. We offer test barrels from caliber 5,56 mm up to 12,7 mm.

Categories: Ballistic test equipment


Our barrels are manufactured with the same exacting specifications as match grade rifle barrels. The main difference is that all ballistic test barrels must conform dimensionally to SAAMI, CIP, or military drawings. We produce all of our own tooling, such as chamber reamers and rifling heads, everything necessary to build the best barrel on the market.

ZPV Proizvodnja company is committed to strict compliance with all applicable Serbian export control regulations and international regulations regarding traffic in arms. More about Serbian regulations you can read here.

M2 Improved receiver is designed to accommodate anything from a 5,56 mm up to a 12,7 mm caliber. For measurement of gas pressure curves, interior ballistic times, projectile velocities and for ammunition precision tests. Weight of the machine is ~600kg.

The main advantages of the M2 Improved receivers are:

  • Remote trigger firing device
  • Interchangeable firing pin
  • Testing according to NATO (EPVAT), CIP, SAAMI and other standards possible
  • Barrel change system for fast changing of barrels for different calibers
  • Firing a shot is only possible when breech is correctly lock.

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