About us

“Z.P.V. Proizvodnja” is engaged in the production of high-precision rifle and pistol barrels, ballistic test barrels, ballistic test equipment as well as the production of tools. Products of the company "Z.P.V. Production” are recognizable for their exceptional quality of workmanship and reliability. Uncompromising quality of products with the ZPV label is recognized on the international market, so that the company places 95% of its production on foreign markets.

“Z.P.V. Proizvodnja” has a license for the production of weapons and military equipment in the field of:


  • development and production of ballistic tubes for testing infantry ammunition up to and including 12.7mm caliber,
  • development of special equipment for ballistic testing of infantry weapons and ammunition,
  • production of pistols and rifles to the level of prototypes and equipping capacities for the production of weapons and military equipment.





ZPV Proizvodnja D.O.O
Jezdinsko Polje 10

Activity code: 2573 - tools manufacturing

MB: 21108065

PIB: 108995713

Website: www.zpvpro.com
Phone: +381 32 5590790

Contact: info@zpvproizvodnja.com